NI Speech Therapy Tots 2 Teens provides a friendly, welcoming speech therapy services for you and your child. Therapy sessions and assessments are carried out through play-based, motivating activities which are tailored to your child’s individual interests, age-and-stage and speech, language and communication needs.

There is also a strong emphasis on working in partnership with you the parent as you are your child’s first educator and know your child better than anyone. This will involve agreeing your child’s goals with you and involving you at each stage in the therapy being carried out with your child.

Speech Therapy assessment
Assessments are tailored to get the best information about your child’s speech, language and communication needs


A detailed assessment and observation of your child’s speech, language and communication needs:

At your first appointment, a detailed assessment and observation of your child’s speech, language and communication needs will be carried out. Information will be gathered through formal or informal/play-based assessment depending on your child’s individual age and needs.

Following the assessment time will be dedicated to discussing with you your child’s assessment findings and, if a course of therapy is required, the most effective way to meet your child’s needs.


Speech Therapy Session
Speech Therapy sessions use a wide range of activities to help your child make the best progress possible

One to one individualised therapy sessions, if advised, following the assessment session:

A course of therapy sessions may be offered if required, following your child’s initial assessment.

Sessions are interactive, motivating and fun and will be effective in helping your child work towards their therapy goals. Detailed feedback will be given at the end of each therapy session.

I will work closely with you to demonstrate therapy techniques and provide personalised games, activities, resources and strategies to use at home in your daily routines to develop your child’s speech, language and communication skills.

Your child’s written therapy aims will also be discussed and agreed with you and followed over the course of therapy sessions to monitor your child’s progress with their speech, language and communication.

Linking with school

Classroom showing desks and board
Working with your chid’s school can help them make the best possible progress

Part of the therapy may involve making contact with your child’s school to share information regarding your child’s speech, language and communication needs. This will only be carried out once you have given your consent for contact with school/nursery to take place.

All assessment and therapy is based on the most current research evidence which will enable your child to grow in confidence and make their best possible progress with communicating, speech and language!